Marketing Samples

These pieces were created for a marketing competition hosted by the Advertising Club of Edmonton. My partner, Paulina Van Vliet, and I developed the “Got Balls?” campaign for the Walk-In Counselling Society of Edmonton (WICSOE*). WICSOE was in need of an ad campaign for print and web that was tailored to Alberta’s oil industry workers. Our campaign provided a cost-effective, attention-grabbing series of posters, postcards, and tray liners that could be placed in camp cafeterias and lounge areas, HR on-boarding packages, and within the bars and restaurants of various oil towns. We decided to produce a simple, black and white design to fight against the multi-coloured ads that are popular on poster boards and received very positive feedback from the client and the competition judges for our balls-y campaign.

We were awarded an ACE Award of Distinction for our work.

*WICSOE now operates as Momentum Walk-In Counselling.

Strategy  Infographic  Poster  Postcard 1  Postcard 2